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Sustainable Furniture

A large percentage of ‘left over’ materials that come out of a construction site are considered ‘waste’. These material are continuously dumped into landfills (most of which do not degrade); leading to toxic levels of land and water pollution and hence making the overall process of construction highly unsustainable.

The goal of this furniture line is to source its raw materials from such site ‘leftovers’, and transform them into a creative and useful end product. 

At SKD, all of our products are made by local artisans, with raw materials sourced from local on-going sites and/or from local waste management sites.

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What this does?
  • Our ‘sourcing from left-over’ concept helps reduce overall amount of material (degradable or otherwise) that goes into landfills;
  • Since these materials are sourced and produced locally, the carbon foot-print of our products is marginal, making them highly sustainable.
  • Makes our design catalogue unique and evolving.

The studio also encourages up-cycling and refurbishing viable existing items. For any left over materials laying around at home (like stone, marble, tiles, textile, wood etc), please reach out to us and we shall be happy to create some useful products for you!

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